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Twillingate Farm>

Welcome to our Farm
Twillingate Dairy Goat Farm Goats- Gilmanton, New Hampshire

Our Foundations>

 Our first registered goats in the early 80’s were Fox’s Pride. They have long been a standard for quality Nubians, so it’s no surprise that we’d turn to them to re-establish our herd with superb milkers.

 With such accomplished Dams and Sires to choose from we opted for the mix of genetics demonstrated by the likes of Hallcienda Frosty Marvin, Kastdemur’s Prince Carnaval, Fox's Pride Spring Bling, Fox's Pride KPC Bazinga and their progeny.

 Our Tulsi, who died in 2020 but not before giving us two gorgeous does sired by our Braefell Linden, was Bazinga’s granddaughter (Fox's Pride Basil's daughter) while Our Daisy is Spring Bling's granddaughter (Spring Wings' daughter), both sired by Ginn Rummy.

CH Fox’s Pride KPC Bazinga (6 yr 5 freshenings) VEEE 91
Fox’s Pride KPC Spring Wings (2yr 1 freshening) VVEV 89
Fox’s Pride SAR Basil (2yr 1 freshening) VVEV 88
Fox’s Pride FG/SF Ginn Rummy VEV 89

 This year we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to breed our herd with Field Mouse Farm Charles N1970816 for a mid-May, 2022 freshening. We're anticipating great things from this mating!

       Our Goal

 Our objective, in rebuilding our dairy goat herd from scratch in 2018, was to initially obtain the very best blood lines we could afford. As each doe matures, we will assess her strengths and weaknesses seeking to mate her with an appropriate buck, thus constantly improving upon our herd members characteristics in both dairy production and breed conformity as we grow in numbers. As that growth occurs we'll be participating in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program to provide mensuration.

 These are photo's of our current breeding stock with links to access their individual genetics...

Field Mouse Farm CharlesInspect ADGA Genetics
Twillingate Farm SchisandraInspect ADGA Genetics
The Ladies 2020
Twillingate Farm GenoveseInspect ADGA Genetics
Twillingate Farm EstellaInspect ADGA Genetics

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 We offer fine Nubian Kids and Goats for sale from time to time. All of our Nubians are purebred, tested CAE Negative, G-6-S Normal and will be sold disbudded and registered.

Goat Sales Prices

• Registered Does and Bucks $500 and up.
• Doe Kids and Buck Kids with Registration $450 and up.
 (Discounts available on verified 4H purchases of kids from this category)

Goat Sales Policies

 If you would like to reserve a kid, a $100 deposit is required. If your choice of kid is not available, we will refund your deposit or apply it to another available kid of your choice. There will be no refunds on canceled orders. Your kid must be paid in full within 14 days of notification of it's birth or your reservation will be considered to be canceled with no refund of deposit. Kids are available when weaned at 12 weeks of age. Kids held longer than 12 weeks old will be subject to a daily boarding fee of $7.00 per day. We will honor all reservations for kids to the best of our ability, however we do reserve the right to retain any kid as a replacement in our breeding program.