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Welcome to our Farm
Twillingate Dairy Goat Farm - Gilmanton, New Hampshire

Marie's Farm

 In 1982 we moved from Windham, NH into a two hundred year old farmhouse in Pittsfield to fulfill our dream of homestead farming. Throughout the following decades we embraced the once abandoned joys of being home for our children, raising healthy crops and livestock, and acquiring the farming skills needed to provide for our family.

 Now in Gilmanton, we still enjoy those simple pleasures of life, doing the best we can for our children (and theirs). We know where our food comes from and what goes into it, though not 'Organic' in the legal sense, it contains no herbicides or harmful pesticides. Our Nubian goats are raised 'Naturally' on pasture hay, alfalfa and occasional high protein feeds containing no GMO's or antibiotics. They are bred to fill the milk pail which provides us with so many healthful dairy products. The same care is taken with our beef cattle, fruits and vegetables.

Please visit us at the farm or market. After all, 'You are what you eat'!

Painting by Marie Forsberg 1911-2010
  posted in her memory.